I love New Year's Day. I'm one of those people who loves acknowledging time passing and thinking about the future and reflecting on the past year. So, basically, a dork. One thing I do every New Year's is go back through my journal and read what my goals were for the previous year. For the past 3 or 4 years, they have looked more or less identical and go something like:

1) Get an agent

2) Publish my book and be wildly successful and never have any worries again

3) Eat healthier & go to the gym more

For the first year ever, I can say that I actually accomplished my goals--which I wasn't sure would ever happen! (well, the gym part still needs some work, and I'm not sure about the never have any worries ever again bit either.)

2011 was such a positive, fortunate year for me. My husband and I got to know our new town better, made some wonderful friends, took a second honeymoon to Thailand. I quit my day job to be a full-time writer. And as wonderful as everything has been, one of my favorite memories of 2011 was this...

These are screenshots from the Hunger Games movie trailer. See those tiiiiiny red circles over a nondescript, drab townswoman's face? THAT IS ME. IN THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE TRAILER. Over the summer I got to be a District 12 extra. My official title was "background." But, BACKGROUND IN THE HUNGER GAMES! Seriously, it was the coolest thing I have ever done and probably will ever do. And that is all I'll tell you for now, since the movie isn't out yet and I can't give away any spoilers. Once the movie is released I'll share more.

I can't wait to see what 2012 will hold! What do you all wish for in the coming year?