I have an agent!

I thought I'd start this blog off with some good news. Champagne glasses poised? Ready?


It's been quite a whirlwind. The one thing you hear as an aspiring writer is that you need to wait. Wait to do a final read-through of your work until it's sat in a drawer for weeks. Wait to get comments back from beta readers. Wait six weeks to hear back from agents. Wait until January because editors are out for the holidays, but then wait until spring because they're catching up from the holidays, but then wait until fall because the summer's a big glut, but then wait until after August because they all go on vacation. Whew.

So after all this waiting, let me tell you, I have developed zen-like patience. I sent out my query letters in early July and was prepared to watch my summer tomato plants grow, ripen, be harvested, wither, be buried under snow, and sprout again before I heard back from any agents. Amazingly, I got a request for a full the next day! Two days later, an agent called wanting to discuss representation! Within another day or two, I had full requests from almost everyone I'd queried! I didn't really know what to think. I mean, my tomatoes were still little yellow flowers. Well, I threw out the whole "zen-peace-with-patience" thing (it was probably overrated anyway) and after talking to a few agents and considering other offers, I accepted representation from Josh Adams at Adams Literary!

I couldn't be happier with Josh and the whole Adams Literary family. I was blown away by their incredible passion and enthusiasm for my work (prompting me to ask more than once, Are you sure we're talking about the same manuscript?), their impressive list of clients, and their professionalism. I am so grateful to be where I am!