Dare Friday #3: Sushi Shenanigans

You never know where a Dare Friday is going to strike! My husband and I went to our favorite little Japanese restaurant this week, where we go frequently enough so the waitresses recognize us in that "hey, you!" way but not that "of course it's normal for a person to put a napkin on their head" way. While waiting for the meal Jesse started folding his napkin into a Peter Pan hat (you know, like you do) and dared me to wear it throughout dinner. Cue odd looks from waitresses. Cue mandatory explanation from Megan. Cue great conversation about dares and sushi and marriage. Cue new friends!

That's Dare Friday...bring people together over totally random stuff.

Today's dare: Wear a hat made out of a napkin while eating a sushi dinner at a restaurant.

The stakes: The Husband has to pay for dinner. (Yes, I realize we're married, so it's a moot point. Live with it.)

The proof:

Note the cat sneaking up on my sushi

The verdict: Dare Friday Win! Though the hat kept falling apart, it lasted long enough to take this picture & get odd stares from people passing by.