Dare Friday #1: Hot Stuff

Welcome to the super special first ever Dare Friday!

What is Dare Friday? Well, I figured out a while ago that I love dares. My husband and I dare each other to do things all the time, though I discovered I'm usually the one (the sucker?) who will actually do it. It all began on a snowy winter morning, when we were strolling along the banks of the French Broad River and my husband dared me to jump in the freezing water with all my clothes on for $100. That's enough for, like, TEN books. So of course I did it, and he caught everything on the miracle that is the iPhone.

Hence, Dare Friday! I'm not promising I'll do something crazy EVERY week, but we'll see how it goes. 

Today's dare: Eat half a raw super hot insanity pepper from our garden
The stakes: Jesse has to clean all the bathrooms

The proof:

It really wasn't that bad at first. About 45 seconds after we turned off the iPhone, I thought my throat was going to spontaneously burst into flame. It was painful, to say the least. But oh-so-worth not having to clean the bathroom.

The verdict: Dare Friday win!