35 years of selling books

Today, my parents celebrated the 35th anniversary of their bookstore, Highland Books. I found this old photo from a 1985 newspaper article about how the bookstore was a family business:

That's my grandmother, mom, sister Lena, cute ol' me, and dad

And a photo from today's celebration:

Grandmother, husband (standing in for Lena), me, mom, dad

At some points in our lives, all of us have worked at the bookstore. My sister and I worked our way up from "promotional cute baby behind counter" at age 1 to "shelf straightener" at age 5 to "inventory counter" at age 12 to the exhaulted "cashier" position in high school and college.

And the idea of family goes beyond our immediate family. Some of the bookstore employees have worked there as long as I can remember (and probably longer), and plenty of customers have been regulars for decades.

Happy birthday, HIGHLAND BOOKS!

And of course, no bookstore visit is complete without a little shopping. Here's what I nabbed and am SO EXCITED ABOUT I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH TO READ FIRST!