New DARE news!

As you all know from my Dare Friday posts, I love a good dare.

Apparently, I'm not the only one! A small group of YA authors with debut novels coming out in 2013 have started The Friday the Thirteeners, where they discuss YA literature and writing while publicly humiliating themselves via truths or dares. 

I am so excited to share the news that I am now a member of the Friday the Thirteeners!

This is where you people come in. I'll now be posting to the Friday the Thirteeners blog (and reposting here) instead of Dare Fridays. That means that instead of my husband daring me to do humiliating stuff, YOU can!

Our friends, readers, fellow authors, and random people submit truths, dares, or both for us to do on the blog. Each week one of us picks a truth or dare, with embarrassment and raw honesty ensuing! My first truth or dare post will be NEXT TUESDAY, Feb 28. If you want to suggest some truths or dares for me to do, submit them here. Haven't you always wanted to know about my first crush? Or see me dress like a pirate for a day? Now's your chance!