Life of a Writer: Where I Work

On this lovely Sunday morning I'm at my desk, listening to the birds outside, avoiding work, and thought you might be interested in seeing where I do most of my writing. A few times a week I'll leave the house and go to a coffee shop or bookstore to work (French Broad Chocolate Lounge and Malaprop's are my favorites), but usually I can be found here, with a cat and a cup of tea.

Note the fainting couch. Excellent for reading, and also fainting.

And here's a close-up of my desk, showing the obligatory tools of the writing trade. I recently found this second monitor in our basement and it has been wonderful, especially for going back-and-forth between revisions and rewrites. And of course, keeping Twitter up on one while I'm supposedly writing on the other. 

The computer is really the only tool you need! The cat, view, and owl mug are optional. The tea not so much. I also carry a notebook with me everywhere I go, to jot down interesting little sights I see, smells, or other ideas. I keep it by my bed too, because I find most of my brilliant ideas occur just as I'm drifting off. At least they seem brilliant, until the next morning when I realize they usually don't make any sense whatsoever.

And of course next to my desk is my bookshelf. These are my young adult books (and a printer thrown in there for good measure). Our adult books and nonfiction are kept downstairs, and I already need to add a third set of shelves up here. I group my books by: borrowed books I need to read and return, books by friends/aquaintances, absolutely all-time favorite books I endlessly try to lend to people, my imprint/publisher/agency's books, books on the craft of writing, and then a miscellaneous shelf that currently has a book on raising chickens, Thailand guidebooks, novels in French and Spanish from back when I used to speak those well, and a random book about How to Live on Mars.

As I'm sitting here writing this blog post, my second cat came over and got jealous of the first cat being on the Internet, so she decided to pose for a picture too.

And voila a glimpse into the home office of a young adult writer!