The Original Dare Friday (on a Monday)

Tomorrow I'm posting my first vlog to The Friday the Thirteeners, a small group of YA writers who answer weekly Truths or Dares that you submit. I can't let you know yet what topic I chose, but I'll tell you's a dare!

To get in the dare spirit leading up until tomorrow, I thought I'd post the original dare that started off my whole Dare Friday series. This was the last day of 2010. My husband and I were walking along the snowy riverbanks of the French Broad River to celebrate the end of the year, and he dared me $100 to jump into the icy water (note the SNOW covering the ground) with all my clothes on. He claims he was "joking." I claim he just "didn't want to pay up."

The Dare: Risk public humiliation/hypothermia by jumping into French Broad River in December

The Stakes: $100 (arguably half of that is my money anyway, so it was more like justification to spend $100 on any old thing I wanted)

The Verdict: I'll let you see for yourself.

As I'm getting out of the water I'm saying "shut off the camera!" because I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating. Cha-ching.

Original Dare Friday win!