This week: Hunger Games premiere party

I have been waiting anxiously for tomorrow since May. 

Tomorrow--Thursday at midnight--is the premiere of the Hunger Games movie. Will I be there? Ho ho, you betcha. And it is going to be EPIC! My local theater has devoted 8 of its 15 screens to the midnight premiere, and it's already sold out. The Hunger Games is my favorite YA book, and seeing it come to life is going to be incredible!

Not to mention, I was also an extra. I doubt I'll have much screen time (well, or ANY screen time), but if you glimpse a tired-looking girl in a drab dress with drab hair, that's me. Oh wait, we all looked like that!

If you live in or near Asheville, ZaPow Gallery is going to have a cool Hunger Games movie pre-party. You can find information about the event here. There's going to be a costume contest, prizes, Nerf archery contest, and lots of free refreshments. I'll also be doing a reading from the Hunger Games to set the mood. It's Thursday from 9pm-11pm and ZaPow is located on Battery Park Ave in downtown Asheville.

Hope to see you there!