Madman's Daughter movie news!

Big news today! Here's a clue...

I am so thrilled because I get to share the very exciting news that The Madman's Daughter has been optioned for a movie by Paramount Pictures, with Fake Empire producing. Paramount is the company behind, well, a ton of movies, and Fake Empire's team is behind TV shows like Gossip Girl, The OC, and Chuck. And the screenwriter they have in mind has an incredible resume, as you can see below.

All this news just leaves me kind of speechless and having to remind myself that an option is just option. It's not a promise the movie will made, since there are a million things that could derail it. But it's still exciting to think about the possibility of the world of The Madman's Daughter being shown through a new medium. 

Here is the story, as reported by Variety magazine. Or you can read about it here

 As I've mentioned here before, I had the good luck to be an extra in the Hunger Games movie since it was filmed near my hometown (blog post about that to come!). Obviously I'm a huge fan of YA literature, and especially that book. So getting to stand on the District 12 set with a few hundred extras and the actors playing Katniss, Gale, Effie, was like seeing that book--literally--come to life. I try not to use this word too much, but it was really magical. To think that The Madman's Daughter might also one day be brought to life via cinema is an incredible feeling. I'm so thankful to Lis Rowinski and the team at Fake Empire for believing in my book.