March updates

I've been in a writing cave typing away madly for the past few weeks, so I don't have a full blog post. But I thought I'd share some news tidbits:

Us Weekly
Isn't this crazy?? My friend called to tell me she thought she saw a tiny photo of me in Us Weekly's special Hunger Games publication. Yep, that blob behind Jennifer Lawrence's shoulder is me. 

Finished Draft
Some good news: I finished the first draft of Book #2 in the Madman's Daughter series! It's very rough and will take months to rewrite into something halfway decent, but it's a nice milestone.

London Trip
I really wanted to finish the first draft this week, because I'm leaving this weekend to spend a few days in London. The book is set there (well, London in 1896, but close enough), and since I've never been, I was struggling to capture the feel of the city, as well as more mundane details like how long it takes to walk from place to place, which neighborhoods my characters would have lived in, etc. So I decided to scrape together some funds and take a research trip. Stay tuned for photos next week.

Sh*t Writers Say, aka "It's not like Twilight"
I had the cool opportunity to meet some awesome YA writers when they were nearby recently for a retreat. This is the video they made about sh*t writers say, which is hilarious, and pretty darn accurate. I think I've said all of these. As far as if my book is anything like Twilight...I admit to nothing.