Madman's Daughter ARCs!!!

I am dying of excitement. DYING! Yesterday afternoon a box from my publisher arrived filled with ARCs (advanced review copies) of The Madman's Daughter!

Aren't they gorgeous? This is the first time I've held my story in my hands in book form. There's just something special about reading it type-set in a beautiful font, flipping through the pages, that is so much better than reading a Word document on my computer. My publisher did an absolutely amazing job with the design and production. And it's 420 pages...did I really write all that??

If you guys don't know what ARCs are, they are a marketing tool publishers use to get books reviewed by well established authors, book reviewers, and previewed for librarians and book sellers. They aren't the final copy, because they haven't been proofread, and some tweaks to the text or cover or layout might happen, and of course they aren't hardcopy. 


As a matter of fact, if you are a reviewer, blogger, librarian or book seller, you can request an ARC of The Madman's Daughter here. (though no guarantees, there's a limited number). 

And even better, they're also a promotional tool, which means giveaways & prizes! If you want to win an ARC, along with an ARC of my writing friend Ellen Oh's Prophecy, you still have one day (today!) to enter this contest on YA Book Central:

Enter contest here!

And here's a few sneak peaks at the interior pages.