Links & Contests

A few cool things to share today. 

First of all, my fellow Friday the Thirteener, Mindy McGinnis, interviewed me on her Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire blog about the C.R.A.P. (Cover Anxiety Reveal Phase). AKA, how an author is feeling when they first see their cover. Check it out the interview here.

Also, at the Friday the Thirteeners blog, to celebrate the recently past Friday the 13th, we are giving away THIRTEEN books to one lucky person! We also found an anagram website and each anagrammed our names and our book titles to creature our "pen names". Mine was Sane Hangmen, and THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER anagrammed into A DAMNED HAMPSTER THUG. You can find your own anagrams on this Wordsmith site. Warning: it's addictive. And of course, enter to win our huge 13-book bonanza package here! There's still a few days left to enter.

Also, I'm in Publishers Weekly this week! PW put out their Spring 2013 Sneak Preview for children's and YA books and included THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER trilogy! You can read the article here