Google: an author's best friend

I've been writing three books simultaneously, which has led to some pretty interesting Google searches. This week I jotted down all the weird queries I had to Google as part of researching the various books. As you can tell, lots of my research is verifying historical facts:

  • how to make hydrocholoric acid with table salt
  • the difference between a shilling, crown, and guinea
  • image search for actors from Pretty Little Liars (yes, it's research!)
  • typical time of sunset in London in December
  • policies for corresponding with people in prison
  • when people started using "cab" for "cabriolet"
  • infinity paradoxes/Mobius strip
  • the chimpanzee Lucy, raised to live as a human
  • YouTube videos for how to put on a corset by yourself
  • how to create a homemade bomb from batteries

 So, this has led me to a few different thoughts. First of all, if any Homeland Security people are monitoring my Google searches, I just want it to be known that it's for FICTION.

Secondly, as part of my research I found these awesome websites called My Daguerreotype Boyfriend and Historical Hotties. That's where I found this:

It had the caption "The hottest blind-gentleman-holding-a-kitten daguerreotype you'll see all day" I couldn't agree more.

And this:

The first photo is Photographer Edward Steichen c. 1917; the second is Aidan Quinn in Legends of the Fall. I mean, if this isn't 100% proof that Aidan Quinn is a time traveler, I don't know what more proof you people need.

And my favorite--I found this photo and used it as the basis for the two guy characters in THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER. I want to keep a copy of this photo in my wallet, and any time a reader says "I'm not really into historical fiction" or "ugh, I hate love triangles" I'm going to pull it out and say "Changed your mind? I thought so. You're welcome."