Contest winners announced

I've been participating in two contests recently, and both just wrapped up. I'm pleased to announce the winner of the YA Books Central cover reveal contest is:

Alicia Marie Ezell!

Alicia, you win an ARC of THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER, Ellen Oh's PROPHECY, and we might try to sneak a little fun swag in there too.

And the winner of thirteen books given away by the Friday the Thirteeners is:

Katharyn Vela!

Katharyn, from me you are getting a copy of Jodi Lynn Anderson's TIGER LILY, a Peter Pan retelling focusing on Tiger Lily's perspective. I just read it and adored it. I hope you will love it, as well as the twelve other books the Friday the Thirteeners will be sending you. You are one lucky girl.

I try to do give-aways and contests frequently to share the book love. I'll always announce them here, so good luck next time to everyone who didn't win either of these rounds. Also, I just discovered that the Book Depository does free international shipping, which means more international contests coming.