Announcing THE CAGE!

Well, everyone, I might be crazy. I also might be the most fortunate person alive. As Publisher's Weekly reported today, I have a new three-book deal for a sci-fi series called THE CAGE. Here's the blurb from PW: 

Some of you may be thinking, But isn't she working on THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER series? And the answer is yes, I am. I just got the ARCs for the first book, I've revising the second book before submitting it to my editor, and I've just started writing the third book. I am absolutely in love with the world of THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER. It's Gothic, it's dark, it's breathlessly romantic, and I hope that all of you get absolutely swept up in it when the first book comes out. 

I definitely am not flush with free time. It wasn't as though I was twiddling my thumbs, yawning, looking for something else to fill my non-existant leisure time. But you see, I had this idea for ANOTHER series, a totally different world but one that is still dark, and mysterious, and filled with unexpected people and romance and twists and yes, even a little madness, and I just got so excited about it that I had to sit down to write it.

And it sold.

As reported in the Publishers Weekly article, THE CAGE is a TWILIGHT ZONE-esque sci-fi which follows six teens who are put in an elaborate "human zoo" by a powerful and psychic otherworldly race known as The Kindred, and one girl's attempts to escape without falling for her terrifyingly beautiful captor. 

The first book in THE CAGE trilogy will be released in summer 2014.

I am so grateful to my editor, Kristin Rens, and my publishing house, Balzer + Bray, for taking such an enormous leap of faith in buying a total of six books from me before my first one is even out. I am so touched that they love my books as much as I do. I feel beyond lucky to be able to write for a living, and I cannot WAIT to share my books with everyone! I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I've loved writing them!