Delicious foreign book sales

J'ai de bonnes nouvelles!

I have good news! THE CAGE trilogy is going to be translated into French! I used to study foreign languages, and I'm rusty on all of them now, but Spanish and French are the ones I can still eek by on. It's cool to think I'll be able to read my own book in a foreign language.

I heard an author once say that to celebrate foreign sales, she and her husband went out to eat at a restaurant of that nationality. Sounds like an excellent tradition to me! My husband and I celebrated THE CAGE being sold to France as, I guess, LA CAGE (really, how convenient for that word to be the same) by going to Asheville's wonderful French restaurant, Bouchon, for all-you-can-eat mussels night.

And for more cool news: THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER trilogy sold in China! I wish I could write some Chinese, but I'll just garble it if I try. This is extra cool because not only will it be in a different language, but also an entirely different alphabet. And since it has also sold in Taiwan, it will be translated into both simple and complex Chinese.

We haven't had time to pick out a good authentic Chinese restaurant, but that's next up on our celebratory meals!