Bookstore love & GIVEAWAY

First of all, thank you everyone for the kind words and congratulations about THE CAGE! I am blown away by the great response. One of the things I love most about writing YA is that there's no hard and fast genre "rules" like there are in fiction for adults. Both THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER and THE CAGE are a mix of sci-fi, romance, and thriller. It is so much fun to blend styles and create something new.

To celebrate & thank you all, I wanted to let you know about a contest to win an ARC of THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER. And the best part? There are TEN copies up for grabs, so your odds are good. You can enter at Goodreads here. It's only open in the US & Canada. Good luck!

Even though THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER's pub date isn't until January 29, 2013, it's already available for pre-order. You can order a signed copy at my family bookstore, Highland Books, and they'll ship it to you. Here's their website with contact info, and yes those are my lovely parents on the front page. I stopped in the bookstore today, and found this really nice display my mom set up. A bunch of local people already signed up to pre-order, which is so cool.

And you can also pre-order a copy (though not a signed one) through Amazon here and through Barnes & Noble here