February Updates

It's been a while since I've posted an update of what I'm working on now. While I was on tour I got lots of questions about the status of sequels and my other trilogy, and I realize it's all very confusing. (believe me, sometimes I get confused by all the deadlines too!)

For anyone living under a rock, my debut book is on shelves now! It's also available as ebook and audiobook. I've spotted it on shelves in indie bookstores and B&Ns and Books-A-Million across the country. For everyone whose sent photos of the book out in the wild, thank you! I'll be doing a few more events around Western North Carolina in March, so check my events page.

I finished the final draft of the sequel last week, and sent it off to copy edits! It will still need a few tweaks, but basically the story is done, and I am really happy with it. The action, romance, and scary stuff continues on the streets of London. The book has a title, but we aren't revealing it quite yet. The book will come out around January 2014.

I've just started drafting the final MADMAN book, and am plotting out all the twists and turns, and figuring out how to wrap up the entire trilogy. I think this book is going to be the creepiest of all three, and take my characters to dark places they never even knew about, and make them question everything. Sorry that's vague! I just have plans...big plans!

THE CAGE trilogy
The first Cage book, aptly titled THE CAGE, is in the editing phase. I'm done with the early drafts and my editor and I will soon start diving into revisions. I love this book. It's creepy (though in a more mind-bending way than gruesome way like the MADMAN books), and romantic, and mysterious, and definitely a little weird. I have a rough plan for the second and third CAGE books, and am hammering out those details over the next few weeks. The first CAGE book will come out in Summer 2014.

Movie News
Lis Rowinski of Fake Empire Productions flew in for the MADMAN'S DAUGHTER launch party, and I tried hard not to prod her for too much information, but I do know the script is finishing and they're working on a few final tweaks. After that, we'll see what happens. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to my book events, and who's been sending kind notes and emails, and who's picked up a copy of the book. Lots of people have asked how best they can help me, and honestly, the best way is just to talk about it: if you read and liked it, tell your friends. Recommend it for your book club. Request it at your library. Tell your kids' schools about it. The internet is so great, but I don't think anything replaces good old fashion word-of-mouth talk.