Madman's Daughter launch party part 2

In the last recap blog post I thanked many of the great people who came to help celebrate The Madman's Daughter's release last week. I'd also like to thank my wonderful family: my parents for owning such a great bookstore and for putting on a fun event, and my sister for flying in to help out. We have this old photo of my grandmother, parents, sister and me taken in the 1980s in the bookstore shortly after it opened:

old Highland Books photo.jpg

And we thought it would be fun to recreate it now:


And I owe my dad some credit, who has had to suffer numerous people asking if he's the "madman" of the title. Which is my my mom made him this great pin:


And lastly, I owe a huge thanks to my husband, Jesse. When I was standing up to thank people during the event I got flustered and forgot to acknowledge him, which I still feel guilty about a week later. Jesse is a huge reason why I'm now a writer. He encouraged me to give it a serious try when I was too shy to tell people that's what I wanted to do; he's stuck by me through up times and down times; he's a talented, creative person; and I am so lucky to have him!