THE CAGE series timeline

As many of you know, I've been writing two series simultaneously: THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER trilogy, and THE CAGE, a YA sci-fi trilogy.  My publisher for both of these series is Balzer+Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins, and they have been wonderful to work with in every way. Our original plan was for the two series to overlap by a year. However, we've recently made the decision to move THE CAGE series back. The first book, THE CAGE, will now be coming out in summer 2015, instead of summer 2014.

Since we've released little information on THE CAGE, hopefully this won't affect anyone too much. I can assure you that the first book is nearly finished and I am practically bursting to share it with everyone. I adore this book: the creepy sci-fi setting, the secretive main character, the tensions between the teenagers being kept captive by otherworldly creatures. The decision to move its publication timeline back comes entirely from me, not the publisher. Writing two series at once meant that neither got the time it deserved--both in drafting, writing, and editing, and in marketing and corresponding with readers. I won't go into details, but for both personal and professional reasons, I thought it necessary to adjust the timing, and my publisher was incredibly understanding and willing to work with me. For anyone who thinks an enormous company like HarperCollins is impersonal, my experience has been exactly the opposite. My editor, the publishers, and all the design, marketing, and sales teams are all dedicated book-lovers who adore authors, readers, and bringing them together.

Please trust that this decision means both series will be stronger, and I'll have more time to interact with you readers, which I am so excited about. Now, off to work on Madman #3!