Madman's Daughter screenplay

The good folks at Fake Empire Productions/Paramount made my day recently when they sent me a draft of the Madman's Daughter screenplay to read over. Yes, it exists, and it is just brilliant. I sat down with a glass of wine on a stormy night and read through it in one sitting. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has done an incredible job staying true to the story but adapting it for film, pulling out the essential threads, building in lots of tension and scenes that promise to be visually stunning. Is it exactly the same as the book? Not quite, but it's very close, and I can't imagine fans of the book won't love it. I do.

The script is a draft at this point, and the movie development is progressing step-by-step, but I'm very excited for it, and so are the people at Fake Empire. Keep your fingers crossed this project will make it all the way to the big screen.