Announcing...title for Madman's Daughter #2!!

The title for THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER came quite naturally. It was the working title I used while drafting, and my publisher decided to keep it. I love that it captures the essence of how society sees Juliet Moreau, and how she sees herself at the beginning of the series, a source of pain and weakness, but also maybe strength. 

The second book in the trilogy was harder to name. I needed something that showed Juliet is growing as a character and no longer just sees herself as someone's daughter. She's starting to become her own person, embracing both her darker and her lighter sides. Together with my wonderful editor and publishing team, we came up with a title I think shows the dark nature of the challenges Juliet faces in the second book.

Without further ado, the title to the second book is...

Title release V1.jpg

The cover for HER DARK CURIOSITY, as well as the flap copy giving a hint of what you'll find inside, will be released at noon EST on June 10 at Young Adult Books Central, a joint release with Ellen Oh's cover for her sequel to the action-packed fantasy PROPHECY. 

And of course, there will also be a giveaway! Ellen and I will each give away one of the very first ARCs of both our new books, along with lots of fun swag. Visit Young Adult Books Central on June 10 to check out our covers and enter to win!  You can be one of the very first people to read HER DARK CURIOSITY.

I'll also be posting a (spoiler-free) Q&A about HER DARK CURIOSITY on this blog on June 10. If you have any questions you want answered about the book, post your questions in the comment section here, and I'll try to answer all I can.