ARC contest winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the ARC contest for HER DARK CURIOSITY. I loved reading through your comments & seeing how excited you guys are for the second book to come out. Believe me, I'm excited for it to come out too!

And the winner is... 

January Matthews! 

I also agreed to give away an ARC of HER DARK CURIOSITY as part of the cover reveal at YA Books Central. They just told me the winner for that is... 

Teresa Salvatore! 

January and Teresa, I'll put the arcs in the mail for you soon. I so hope you enjoy them as much as THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER. For everyone who didn't win, don't worry. I have a big stack of ARCs I'm going to give away closer to release date, so there will be plenty of chances to win one. And remember, if you're a well-established blogger or book professional, you can request a digital ARC from Edelweiss.  

Happy Monday!