Madman's Daughter paperback BONUS CONTENT

The paperback edition of THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER comes out December 23 and is now available for pre-order here. Why December 23, you ask? So you can use all those bookstore gift certificates you get at Christmas, of course! Almost all indie stores offer gift certificates, and so do Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Here's the bonus content you'll find in the paperback edition: 

My publisher gave me free reign to create additional material for fans of the books and book clubs. I included a letter to readers about why I chose to retell THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU and the process of adapting a classic.

This is for all readers, but I thought book clubs in particular would enjoy a little glimpse into my life as a writer and some tidbits about my inspiration and struggles writing this book.

I've also included a set of questions to help guide book club or classroom discussions about the book and your reading experience.

 Balthazar's Madly Delicious Bear Paw cookies

Balthazar's Madly Delicious Bear Paw cookies

For a little fun, I put together a recipe for Balthazar's "Madly Delicious" Bear Paw cookies. I happen to know they go great with Sweet Madness and Dark Secrets, the two custom tea blends I designed for the books. If your book club has chosen to read & discuss THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER, contact me to let me know and I'd be happy to send you some of the tea to serve at your get-together.

Here's the part I'm most excited about. The bonus content also contains a short story from a special character's POV: Ajax, aka Jaguar. The story is entitled "Savage" and takes place a few months before Juliet arrives on the island, and is an exchange between Montgomery and Jaguar.

You can preorder the paperback edition on Amazon here, Barnes & Noble here, or contact your local indie bookseller. If you'd like a signed and/or personalized paperback edition, you can order it by calling or emailing my family bookstore, Highland Books.