Madman's Daughter international covers

I stumbled across this Chinese cover for THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER today. At least, I think that's what it is. It's kind of hard to read and my name is Megan Sheffield. But regardless, I really love it. Am hoping to come across an image of higher resolution.  If you want to follow images of all my US & international covers as I get them, I have a Pinterest board for that.

MMD Chinese cover.jpg

Here are the Spanish and French covers, each with a unique twist on the US cover:

MMD Spanish cover.jpg
MMD French cover.jpg

And the very different Turkish cover: 

MMD Turkish cover.jpg

The Solovakian cover. I love that they changed my name to "Megan Shephardova": 

MMD Slovakian cover.jpg

And the beautiful UK/Australian cover: 

Australian MMD cover.jpg