Tea tasting

First, a reminder that I'll be speaking at the BOOKMARKS festival in Winston Salem NC next Saturday. It's free and open to the public. There will be some other fabulous YA authors there including Leigh Bardugo, T. Michael Martin, and Kassy Tayler. 

Now, tea time!

Last year, I worked with Design-a-Tea to create a custom tea blend for The Madman's Daughter, and it was so much fun. "Sweet Madness" tea bags have been great to pass out at events & giveaway as prizes. Now that Her Dark Curiosity is on the horizon (less than 5 months til release!), I decided to make a new tea blend for it. Of course, this involves taste testing. Never let anyone say that being an author doesn't have its perks.


I decided to go with a Nutmeg Orange rooibos, which has a lovely traditional British aroma & a Christmas feel, perfect for the setting of Her Dark Curiosity. 

I can't wait to get the tea bags and start handing them out!