Upcoming workshop at Spellbound bookstore

Local friends! I'm giving a writing workshop for teen writers this Friday at 6pm at Spellbound bookstore, just north of Asheville NC. 

Here's the info:
This is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive writing workshop, opening with Megan talking to teens about a writer’s life and how she became an author, then discussing the four key elements of story and collaborating on creating a story framework together. For ages 13-18 only. Admission is $15 or purchase of one of the author’s hardcover books from Spellbound. (This includes pre-ordering The Cage.) Pre-registration (by Thursday April 9, 2015) is required. Register online (below), in person, or by phone. Please call Spellbound staff at (828) 708-7570 with any questions

Here are more details.