Announcing a new book, THE SECRET HORSES OF BRIAR HILL!

I have very special news today!

My first middle grade novel, THE SECRET HORSES OF BRIAR HILL, will be published by Delacorte (an imprint of Random House) in fall 2016! This announcement went out yesterday in Publisher's Weekly:

I've been anxiously sitting on this news for a few weeks now. THE SECRET HORSES OF BRIAR HILL began last fall, on a long solo car ride with a broken radio. As I drove through the countryside in silence, watching white fences and horses roll by, I remembered a family trip we took when I was a little girl to Ocracoke Island where the wild ponies live. I was probably six or seven, and since my parents wouldn't let me have a horse, I decided I would catch one myself. 

And that inspired the start of THE SECRET HORSES OF BRIAR HILL. A girl, an overgrown garden wall, and a winged horse that no one else sees. It's a book about war, and death, and believing in magic even when no one else does. I'm so fortunate that Rebecca Weston, a brilliant editor at Delacorte, fell in love with it too. She sent me this package, inspired by a collection of magical objects from the book, along with a figurine of the winged horse. The minute I opened the package, I knew Rebecca had fallen in love with Emmaline and the secret horses as much as I had.

THE SECRET HORSES OF BRIAR HILL is a very special book to me, and I'm so excited to share it with you next fall. Thank you for everyone who has supported me as a writer. I hope that you pick up THE SECRET HORSES OF BRIAR HILL for yourself or for a young reader in your life. I wrote it as a book that could be shared between parents and children, teachers and students, siblings and spouses. And it doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing young adult fiction, either. My new YA series, THE CAGE, comes out May 26, and I have many more middle grade and YA ideas to come.

I'll sign off as the Horse Lord does in THE SECRET HORSES OF BRIAR HILL:

Ride true,