Announcing a new YA series, GRIM LOVELIES!

I've been a blogging slacker! Somehow it completely slipped my mind to shout from the (blog) rooftops that I have a new YA book deal!

That's right! A new duology inspired by fairy tales, magic, murder and mayhem, and Parisian pastries. What do you need to know about this series? It's dark (have you read my previous books??) but also a little bit dreamy and eccentric and whimsical. I'm diving back into similar themes I dealt with in The Madman's Daughter--the line between human and animal--but this time from the creations' perspective, and with a dose of dark magic and devilishly handsome princes.

Here is the official announcement and interview from, "Megan Shepherd's New Novel Is a Fairy Tale Retelling Unlike Anything You've Read Before." 

And you can follow along my Grim Lovelies Pinterest inspiration board as my research takes me on some twists and turns that might give you hints about the story.

Add it to your Goodreads to-read list and check in on Goodreads for more tidbits!